Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In Her Shoes

boss-2011-02--09 The company is having a dog and pony show for the sales staff here this week. My boss is involved; thankfully, I am not.

My boss stopped by my cubicle this morning to discuss something. She was wearing a black dress, black tights, and black heels. She looked very nice.

First words out of her mouth were, "I hate sales meetings because I have to wear heels!"

I had to bite my tongue because I almost said, "I wouldn't mind."


  1. Does she know?
    or even suspect?

  2. Stephanie --- Maybe. It is likely that she heard about the office girl costumes I wore to the company's Halloween parties years before she came on board. Also, HR may have given her a heads-up because I did come out to HR as trans (for my own protection).

  3. Stana
    I remember some years back I had some traces of black eyeliner left from a night before and a former work colleague was regarding me closely quizzed me intently had I been at a 'fancy dress' party the night before because I looked to have black eyeliner!!
    I must have blushed deep purple, and wriggled my way out of it, but I think she watched me more closely after that! :).

    It sounds to me though like your boss strongly suspects you, but then it all depends on the relationship between you

  4. Stephanie --- I dunno. Although, sometimes I feel like she treats me like her "Girl Friday." (I am her only subordinate in the local office.)

  5. Stana, that sounds like the ideal working relationship for you.

    I remember a tgirl friend of mine telling me about the boss she had in a magazine publishers who was not unlike the Anna Wintour of popular legend.

    I had a woman boss once, but we were constantly at each other's throats! lol
    Not at all the ideal Mistress-submissive relationship.

    But if thats your boss in the photo, or an approximation of her, she looks the dream boss!