Monday, February 21, 2011

Dr. Phil Is A Pill

Read why here.


  1. This is obviously a hot button issue and presents a quandry to parents presented with an offspring who does not buy into the societal "norms" as far as gender presentation is concerned. Having presented my own challenges to parents who wanted to do what was best for me (back in the 1950s)I can attest to what other family members said at the time "this isn't going to go away." Nothing is easy especially when one wishes to express themselves in a way contrary to "the norm." While I have found my own way in all this, I still feel resentment towards family members who made it their business to bring me "into compliance" so to speak. At the same time, I also realize they were doing their best to act in "my best interests."

  2. It does seem like Dr. Phil does miss the point about boys who are partial to girls clothes. I wonder if it is due to doctrinaire adherence to modern psychiatric billing practices.
    I do like the open minded approach that Sarah Hoffman takes in her article and also in her blog. Her views on her "Son, the pink boy" is interesting.

  3. Dr Phil has his own demons. He's also a failed Psychologist but that's another issue. But he and the NARTH looneys are wrong. I grew up totally devoid of any feminine influence other than my mother and she was sure to not coddle me or my brother. Girl toys were nowhere to be seen and we had no same age girls in the neighborhood. So how does that explain me? I ALWAYS knew that I was a girl inside and can remember as early as 5 being conflicted.