Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Womanless Beauty Pageant


Ernest Ward Middle School in Walnut Hill, FL, held a womanless beauty pageant last night.

It is the best womanless event I’ve seen in awhile. There were a lot of pretty contestants wearing beautiful outfits. In fact, the contestants were so pretty that I was not sure it was really a “womanless” contest when I viewed the first photo (above).

The pageant results appear here and a gallery of photos here.


  1. Wow, at least three of the "girls" are georgous.

    If you didn't mention it, from that first photo there's no way I would have said it's a "womanless" pagent.

    I realize it's due to the ages of them, but however, color me disappointed there was no swimwear event.

  2. Dear Stana,

    I agree with you. This was a lovely Womanless pageant. Most of the boys looked lovely and very authentic with beautifully applied makeup, wigs, and gowns. I appreciated that there didn't seem to be any comic contestants. As you and I have communicated, neither of us like the comic "man in a dress / let's make fun of women" womanless pageants. It's so much nicer when the boys are willing to experience being as authentic girls as they can be for one night. I'm sure there were many real girls and women that spent a lot of time and effort helping the boys.

    It appears there may have been a farm or country talent segment, and the beautiful gown segment.

    I would have loved being in some of these pageants in high school. Fortunately, on Saturday January 29 in Orlando, I will be attending a GIRL'S PARTY with formal dress. There will be many T-Girls and some supportive genetic woman. We'll all be dressed in gorgeous cocktail dresses, party dresses, or formal gowns (like the boys in this womanless pageant).

    Thank You, Stana, for sharing this lovely event with us all.



  3. It amuses me how many of these womanless beauty pageants seem to happen in the South. In fact, Stana, I have a hard time remembering if you've posted any pageants from the Northeast, New England or the West Coast.

    I hate to stereotype, but it's hard to argue that few areas of the U.S. are bigger strongholds of fundamentalist Christianity, which generally condemns cross-dressing and anything outside of the masculine male/feminine female gender binary.

    It makes me wonder why these pageants are such a staple. Only half-joking, I have to wonder if it's a symptom of forcing people (especially men) to repress their gender variance --- these beauty pageants represent a safe, accepted way for young men and boys to explore femininity without risking condemnation.

  4. For what it's worth, after a closer inspection of the photos in the gallery, I think one of the contestants is not wearing a wig. Instead, he had his real hair styled in a feminine manner. I'm referring to the contestant in the accompanying photo who is wearing the beige hat and turquoise blouse. Check out his close-ups in the gallery and see if you agree.

  5. Trish --- Since I have been following these events, I can recall only a handful that have occurred outside the lower right-hand corner of the USA. The vast majority occur in the Deep South.

    I have a theory on why this is so, but I want to do a little more research before I announcing my theory to the public.

  6. Those dresses are gorgeous, and the boys looked beautiful - these pics were great.

  7. I look forward to reading your research, Stana. I may even nominate it for an Ignobel Prize in Sociology! :)

  8. I looked thru all of the photos and I agree, they are all pretty. Some are downright beautiful! The evening gowns are beautiful in themselves. The nice thing about the cowgirl outfits,is it lets us see more of the "girls" including their legs!

  9. As always, it is wonderful to see boys all decked out in skirts and dresses. I believe this is definitely one of the Better Pageants..the boys look Great. I hope this Trend continues, and not only in the Southeast!

  10. I was raised in the "Deep South" and I do not ever remember a womanlee beauty pagent. This must be a fairly recent thing say in the last twenty years. I do wish that we had womanless beauty pagents; i would have loved to be in one when I was young.