Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Meanwhile, Back at T-Central…

At last count, my guest post at Calie’s T-Central has generated a thread of 20 25 interesting comments. If you have not read the comments, I recommend that you do. You might also want to add your own comment to the discussion.


  1. There is such a full slate of hot blooded and cool minded commentary going on over at TCentral, that my 2 cents there won't add much, and may detract.

    So, let me say here that your post was refreshing, clear, and as in all things you do, uniquely yours.

    Thanks Stana. You inspire a great many people, me included.

    Happy Holidays, and a wonderful New Year to you.


  2. Petra --- Thank you for all the kind words, today and all those yesterdays...

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  3. Stana,
    Like Petra, I think that I prefer to add my comment on your 'T-Central' post here, at your blog, rather than over there. I thought that your post was sweet, sincere, honorable and, above all, personal to you. While little tends to shock me I was surprised at the firestorm that your post generated. I was pleased, and not at all surprised, to see your friends and followers chime in and add to the discussion.

    "Labels" can't live with them and you can't live without them. (Sorry for the cheap and cheesy paraphrasing of a phrase typically associated with women). Nevertheless, there are times when 'Labels' are useful and helpful and even necessary. Likewise, there are times when labels are used aggressively to demean and abase someone.

    For labels sake I, like you, primarily identify as a hetersexual MtF crossdresser. Mostly I like to consider myself "The Happy Crossdresser" since dressing primarily makes me happy.

    For the rest of the folks who commented on your post I would simply wish them happyness. May each of them be happy being whoever they are or whatever label they append to themselves.

    One issue I have with 'labels' is that they connote a static title to a fluid circumstance. There is an element of fluidity in all people and every one of us, at all times and at disparate times, may fit several labels. Which boxes do you check off?
    College graduate?
    Post college Graduate?
    You may be all or most of the above. You may be all of them at the same time BUT at different times you, like all of us, must be more one than the other. You may be a CD at all times just like you may be a father, son, husband at all times BUT there are times when one of you many labels applies more than the rest. At work you are an employee more than anything else. Your value in that setting is based on how well you do your job...not on how good a father or husband you may be, or, for that matter how amazingly good you look in a dress and heels.

    My I close by simply wishing you and yours the best for the Holiday Season and a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.