Monday, December 27, 2010

Boys Being Girls Again

Bill e-mailed me about womanless beauty pageants at the Travelers Rest High School in Travelers Rest, SC. You can view photos of the 2008 pageant here and the 2009 pageant here.

Bill opines that "2008 is much better than 2009" and that "pierced earrings and high heels are worn in this event."

"Some application of Nair would have improved matters," says I.


  1. It seems like in these womanless pageants there are always a few boys who look really good. In the 2008 pageant pics, there's a boy in a strapless dress who looks very pretty.

    I'm with you on the Nair. If the boys don't want to shave (can't blame them there), then opaque hose seems like a good alternative.

  2. The boy in the 2008 pageant wearing the white top and jeans with boots and later the green gown looks really good.