Friday, December 3, 2010

Paul's Transvestite Tips


Updated Below

My favorite television show, 30 Rock, is becoming my favorite TV show (if you know what I mean). In last night's episode, Jenna's female impersonator boyfriend Paul (played by Will Forte) made a return appearance and I was amused.

I visited the 30 Rock web site today to look for photos of last night's episode. I found plenty of those.

I also discovered a slideshow of "Paul's Transvestite Tips," which I also found amusing.

My favorite tip is "Feather boas should bring out one's eyes."

UPDATE: You can watch the whole episode here until January 7, 2011.


  1. I'm worried because I think he's being written out! And ever since "The Drew Carey Show" went off the air, there haven't been many mainstream shows with a recurring character who was a male heterosexual crossdresser. We need all of the TV role models we can get!

    Hmm. Apparently I'm getting affirmation about my identity from sitcoms. The descent into madness has begun! ;-)

  2. Trish --- I think you're right, but I hope you're wrong.

  3. Sheila from TampaDecember 04, 2010

    Dear Stana,

    Trish and you are so right. I joined the Army many years ago just so I could crossdress like Klinger after watching M*A*S*H! Imagine my disappointment when I found out that femulating was not a standard course in basic training!!! :-0

    ... just being silly, girls ... I never was in the Army.

    Love this blog.

  4. Sorry, Stana, but Paul is just not up to your standard of femulation. At least not judging by the slides...

  5. Here's a link to a behind the scene interview with Will Forte in his 30 Rock drag: