Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Shopping

I have been Christmas shopping this past week and I am almost done except for a trip to the packie to buy some wine and liquor.

The thing about Christmas shopping is that I buy almost as much for myself as I do for the people on my shopping list.

Last week, my Woman Within Christmas shopping experience included a top, a bra, and six pairs of tights for myself.

My Sephora shopping order on Friday included mascara, eyeshadow, and powder for myself.

My trip to Fashion Bug yesterday included a six strand silver necklace for myself.

Today, my online visit to Victoria's Secret included two sweater dresses (see photos) for myself.

My excuse is that no one buys Christmas gifts for Stana, so Stana has to take matters into her own hands!


  1. Stana,
    i love this blue dress...buy me one...
    Maria Victoria

  2. You go girl! Love the dresses.

  3. "a trip to the packie to buy some wine and liquor..."


  4. Santa knows nothing of Stana or Satan?

    Looks like Stana made up for Santa's failings.

    Caroline xxx

  5. Nice and necessary to show a little kindness to the self, yes.

    And Stana, love the dresses, especially the print number. You will flatter it I am sure.

    Happy Holidays...

  6. Peggy --- In Connecticut, Georgia, and Massachusetts, liquor stores are also known as “package stores” because purchased liquor must be packaged in a sealed container or bag when it is taken from the store. "Packie" is short for "package store."

  7. I was out trying to find a sweater dress and some shoes tonight.