Thursday, December 23, 2010

Another Tall Thursday

Long time, no Famous Females of Height, so without further ado…

My trans sister in Atlanta, Petra, alerted me to the tallest female of this group, 6'8" Ricki Covette, a burlesque performer from the 1960s. Petra kindly sent along a pertinent link about Miss Covette, too.

I have been watching Seinfeld reruns lately and I spotted three of our tall ladies on that show: 5'8" Cindy Ambuehl, 5'9" Kathleen McClellan, and 5'9" Ivana Miličević.

Also spotted while ogling the telly were 5'9" model Sophie Turner, 5'10" actress Margo Stilley (spotted in the film How To Lose Friends & Alienate People - that's her in the accompanying photo), and 6'3" actress Dot-Marie Jones from television's Glee.


  1. Dear Stana,

    I sometimes do phone screening interviews with prospective members of my Orlando area crossdresser group. Earlier this year, I spoke with a crossdresser who said she was 6-9 in bare feet! Apparently, she attended the meeting after our conversation, but I was out-of-state on vacation, and missed meeting her. She has not come back since.

    The founder of a Tampa area CD group I used to belong to is 6-7.

    Although I'm 6-1 in bare feet, I love wearing high heel pumps with 3" heels. Classic black patent leather pumps with slim 3" to 4" heels are so lovely and feminine, and go so well with dresses or skirts.



  2. Stana
    I do enjoy your following of tall women. It is affirming to know that when I do get out and about at 6' tall plus my 3" heels that I would not be completely out of place and that there are woman, at least a small few, who carry similar height wherever they go.

    I may have mentioned that I recently went to a wedding where the bride and her sister/maid of honor were both high school and college volleyball players. Their friends were primarily volleyball players and the wedding was well populated with very tall, very nicely dressed, high heeled, women.

    Next year the other sister will be married and I look forward to that wedding as well.

    Speaking of tall women, and you being the 'nutmegger' that you are, congratualtions on the record just notched by the UConn woman's basketb all team.