Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stana's Makeup — Part 2

Before I discuss my makeup regime, I want to mention shaving.

Obviously, you want to be as beardless as possible before you begin becoming beautiful.

I have tried various methods to achieve the best beardless state including using hot shaving cream, a shaving lubricant in place of a shaving cream, cold shaving (icing the face, then using ice cold water to rinse the blade as you shave), dry shaving (no shaving cream or lubricant), etc. Some people swear by these methods, but I did not find that the results were any better than the old tried and true method, that is, using a shaving cream or gel, razor, and hot water.

The products I use for shaving are more important than how I use them. I use a shaving gel (like Edge or its copycats) instead of a shaving cream because I found that I get a better shave with a gel.

Also, I use Gillette's Fusion razor (the manual version, not the powered version). Fusion is the best razor I have ever used, by far, however, if you are prepping for an outing en femme, I recommend using a new blade or at a minimum, a blade you have used only once or twice, to get the best shave.

I shave in the shower. The steamy environment of the shower softens your whiskers, so they are easier to remove. Also, when you are done, it is easier to shower away all the shaved whiskers. By the way, I shave in the shower without a mirror and never nick myself; it takes practice, but not much.

After shaving and drying thoroughly, I apply eyelash serum (Avon ANEW Lash-Transforming Mascara + Serum), eye cream (Avon Solutions Plus+ Ageless Results Eye Cream), and moisturizers on my neck and face (Avon Solutions a.m. Ageless Results Day Cream SPF 15 on my neck and Philosophy When Hope Is Not Enough Replenishing Cream on my face).

Then I take a 10 to 15 minute break to let my skin absorb all the products I just applied before I proceed with my makeup regime.


  1. Thank you for this post.

    I have recently started to shave in three stages and now get a 12 hour beard free without shadow result. I shave with foam once with the grain, then a second time with foam against the grain. Then I apply moisturizer (after shave balm) and shave a third time against the grain.

    It really has made a difference. Then I go into my product routine.


  2. Stana,
    I thought that I was the only one to shave in the shower without the benefit of a mirror. I generally simply use soap and a disposable razor.
    While my body size makes femulating somewhat of an issue I am blessed by being somewhat hairless. Never had a need to shave my arms, back or chest. Legs get shaved about once a year mostly for the experience of doing it. Whiskers on the chin and under the nose but pretty hairless neck and cheeks. I feel for stubble and shave it off.

  3. Make sure you try Shave Oil for shaving. You buy a small bottle and only use a few drops, but it's great. You can get Shave Secret at WalMart for under $5, or Google for other options.

    And the cryogenically tempered blades from actually do what they promise; stay sharp much, much longer, at little increase over buying blades retail.

  4. The Femulated: Prom Night reminds me of times when my wife and I go on walks - myself with long hair wearing a dress and wedge sandals, and my wife with short hair wearing pants and flat shoes. We talk, and I have my deep masculine voice, and my wife has a typical female voice. I wonder if the young man with the long hair had a deep voice.

  5. Love your blog and your pagent links.. I started around age 12, and love the pictures of growing up and dressing. But this comment is about your femme face part posted today.

    While I was truly active in going out, I tweezed my mustache and my beard. Only the area's around the mouth. I would do it while watching tv or just sitting and relaxing. This truly gave me the nicest smoothest skin, and although intense in slowness, the results are wonderful and no shadow around the mouth, upper lip or chin. Took a while but truly worth the results..
    Keep up the good work

    Diane Leonard

  6. I don't know how I lived without a vibrating razor. I have the M3 (pretty much the same as the fusion, just an older version). Maybe it's because I know I can push harder without cutting myself because the vibration creates a thin air layer?

    I usually don't use gels, they just make me break out. I just use hot water.

  7. If Stana did not buy quite so many clothes she could deal with the whisker problem at source. Once the skin is free if those brutal wires pushing through you would have soft smooth skin and feel truly alive.

    I have never been sure what to make of shaving. If guys want a clear skin why on earth don't they just zap the lot and have done with it?

    Caroline xxx

  8. I always like these articles just to pick up a few tips!

    I used to use cartridge razors but fairly recently started using old style safety razors (not cut-throat razors!) with double edge blades. There is a bit of a learning curve to get the technique right, but now I can get very smooth skin and next to no irritation.

    Using the cartridge razors always gave me little red bumps and irritation, which messed up my foundation a bit. Usually with DE my skin is smoother after the shave. I also use a brush and soap, rather than gel, which used to dry my face out.

    I do two passes with soap inbetween each - one with, oneagainst the grain - followed by moisturiser or a tiny bit of jojoba oil.

    But that said, when I manage to afford it, it'll be laser or electrolysis for most of it!!


  9. Thank you all for the additional shaving tips!

    Caroline --- I would have to go buck naked for years (not a pretty sight) to pay for electrolysis. Perhaps that should be my strategy... go buck naked and people will give me money for electrolysis, so that I will stop going buck naked or at least, when I go buck naked, it won't look like I am wearing a body sweater.