Friday, September 17, 2010


Through the Looking-Glass

Commenting on yesterday's post, Lisa wrote, "The seminar you attended was on photography and yet you only took one picture. A girl as pretty as you needs to show off more and let the rest of us see you."

Actually, I took a bucketload of pictures and after receiving Lisa's e-mail, I decided to empty the bucket and see what else was worthy of display on my blog.

In my opinion, the best photo in the bucket is the one above. It surprised me because photos of mirror reflections seldom work for me. Something is always off kilter. However, this time all the stars and planets lined up just right and the result is rather pleasing.

Lashing Out

More than once, I mentioned here how I have been using a product to increase the length and fullness of my eyelashes.

After I did my eyes Wednesday morning, I noticed how well the eyelash serum was working, so I took a handful of photos to show you all.

Taking the photos myself, it was tricky trying to get a photo that would show off my lashes (my nose kept getting in the way). I took 12 shots and the best two appear here in black and white. (The lashes show up much better in black and white than in color.)


  1. You are just amazing, the pictures from your eyes are really cool.
    I'm from Brazil, a born woman S/O, and I also write about CDing. You really inpires me to help a lot of crossdressers here.
    Keep this blog allways shining.


  2. Stana,

    That 'mirror shot' is fantastic!! I'd certainly consider it a keeper!

  3. Stana,
    I just love your outfii... but the jewelry is so perfect with it! Lovely earrings and bracelets!

  4. You have beautiful eyes

    Jean Ann

  5. Thank you all for the lovely compliments!

  6. If I looked as good as you do I would find it really difficult not to go full time. But then, I don't look as good as you and I want to go full time. Maybe someday. :(

  7. Very impressive product Stana. Thanks for posting