Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Online with Fantasia Fair

Since I will presenting a workshop at Fantasia Fair next month, a description of my presentation appears here and my bio appears here.

By the way, the workshop description should read:

This workshop describes the care and feeding of a ridiculously popular transgender blog (www.femulate.org) that was once dubbed the "center of the blog universe." Stana, the woman behind the curtain, will reveal the secrets and strategies that made Femulate so successful that it averages nearly 6,000 hits per day. If you want to learn how to blog successfully or just want to hear the amusing trials and tribulations of a successful transgender blogger, be sure to attend this workshop.

I sent the revised description to the Fantasia Fair folks late last week, but due to the holiday weekend, they have not updated the web site yet.

By the way, during the past week, the blog had well over 6,000 hits on two days and one day, the hit count broke the 7,000 mark for a new high!

The success of the blog amazes and humbles me! All I can say is "Thank-you."


  1. Stana
    It sounds like it will be a good presentation that would be of interest to your many fans, supporters and imitators. You should see if you can get a video produced that you could share with us.

  2. Stana ~ I just checked my stats and I got almost as many hits as you did....

    Oops. Mine are monthly. :)

  3. What you do for all of us is amazing, so while we all adore your humility and amazement we all point back to you for making it so.

    It is so sad you have to leave Wednesday already during Fantasia Fair. We arrive Wednesday night.


  4. Can't wait to see you in Provincetown - I hope lots pf your friends will come as well.

    Miqqi Alicia
    (Director of Fantasia Fair)

  5. I'd never even looked for stats before today. I read this post and wondered if I could find stats on mine.

    Obviously I haven't promoted my blog very well. I only have 20 followers and a total of about 1300 page views in the whole time it's been on blogger!

  6. Pat --- I may arrange to record it myself... at least the audio, which will be much more important than the video.

  7. Kathryn --- Thank you for the kind words. Sorry we will miss each other.

  8. Miqqi --- I look forward to seeing you, too!