Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Going Girly

Tomorrow I will attend a day-long seminar. I have never been to the seminar's venue, I don't personally know the folks running the seminar, and most likely, I will not know any of the other attendees at the seminar. Being a shy soul, I am anxious facing such unknowns.

And I will be going girly to boot!

Going girly is exciting. I so look forward to it because it gives me an opportunity to be authentic, to be myself, to be the woman I am.

I am sure tomorrow will be another fantastic day on the daylight side of the closet door. My excitement about going girly trumps my anxiety about facing unknowns.


  1. I have a meeting tomorrow at the Court Support Services Division for training on gender responsive programming for lesbian, bi and trans girls in detention. It should be interesting.

  2. Diana --- My seminar is photography lighting at the Convention Center.

  3. I'll trade you!

    Also, I will be at the True Colors table at the NBC Wellness conference on Oct. 16

  4. Diana --- NBC Wellness... That sounds cool!

  5. Photography, huh? Wow! That makes THREE commonalities we share! Have fun tomorrow!