Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dear Stana, Why is it so?

Dear Stana,

Regarding your advice on how to wear garter belts, you recommended wearing your panties over your garter belt, but I have seen pictures of girls wearing the garter belts over the panties and not under. Why is it so?


Hi Susan,

You see photos of girls wearing garter belts over their panties because it looks nicer; it looks sexier.

As a practical matter, wearing your panties over your garters makes it much easier to use the bathroom (or do anything else requiring panty removal). Just slip off your panties and voila, your private parts are free.

If you wear your panties under your garters, first you have to unclasp each garter (that's four or six clasps to undo) and then you can slip off your panties. Also, you will have to reclasp four or six garters after you slip your panties on again.

Best Wishes,


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  1. If you de prefer to wear panties underneath a garter set, you can often just pull from the leg opening and 'escape' out that way...This can work while both sitting or standing....

  2. i have started wearing my eight garterbelt under my panties and i will wear stockings with it then i wear pantyhose over and then my girdle and sheer nylons.and when i am all dressed up going to the ladies room is no bother.