Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gender Stereotypes as an Affirmation

Celina Jacobson alerted me to a new article titled "10 Gender Stereotypes That Science Supports" that appears on the web site she works with.

The premise of the article is that "While on a whole, men and women are very similar both in their brains and in their abilities, there are some stereotypes that have held strong for a reason– because they are very often true. With new research, now there may even be modern medical science to back them up."

The article is an interesting read and I recommend it.

What I discovered personally interesting was that I found myself on the female side of seven of the gender stereotypes. Regarding the three remaining stereotypes, I could fall on either side of the driving skills and pain tolerance stereotypes, whereas I definitely fall on the male side of the drinking prowess stereotype, but I think that has more to do with my size than anything else (I am a big woman).

It all just affirms my belief that I am a woman.


  1. Interesting.

    Since the elimination of testosterone most of the male driving style has gone, from my new perspective it was a sort of drugged state pushing me to go faster and further and I was slow and calm compared to most I know! Now all is calm but I have to concentrate and am more likely to be well below the speed limit as I might have been above before.

    Before the change colour was interesting but crude, now I find myself lingering over the subtleties of colour like the slow changes of greens through the seasons and the agonising choices for clothes because just the right shade is not available, why not!?

    Caroline xxx

  2. I don't drive. But once I started taking estrogen, I generally became less aggressive. I am more of a "stop and smell the roses" cyclist now, as opposed to the racer I once was.

    Plus, I find myself talking more and have generally become more emotional. And, as you can imagine, I have caught my now ex-boyfriend in more than a few lies. When that happened, I thought, "Wow! I've really become my mother!"

    Then again, I don't think becoming, or becoming like, my mother is necessarily a bad thing. I guess that's one gender stereotype (which isn't mentioned in the article) that I don't fit.

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