Thursday, September 30, 2010

Guiding You to Fantasia Fair

100930_guide The 2010 Fantasia Fair Participant's Guide is now online. The Guide is the “bible” for folks attending the event… especially first timers. Don't leave your B&B without it.

I perused an earlier edition of the Guide before I ever planned to go to Fantasia Fair. Reading it so enthused me about the Fair that I decided to try to attend the event.

I almost made it in 2007 and finally attended in 2008. Check out the Guide and you too may find yourself planning a trip to Provincetown in mid-October.

This year, I return not only as an attendee, but as a workshop presenter. As a presenter, I am in the Guide, too.

It is so cool that my biography appears on the same page (113) as one of my favorite people, Ethan St. Pierre, who Fantasia Fair is honoring this year with the Virginia Prince Transgender Pioneer Award. My photo also appears on page 67 (just below my workshop description) modeling in the Fantasia Fair fashion show.

How cool is that?

Coincidentally, I had a dream last night in which I was browsing the Guide and found a photo of myself wearing my shoulder-length blond wig, a simple white blouse, a short maroon balloon skirt, and dark brown tights (the photo did not show my feet, so I don't know what shoes I was wearing).

I don't own a maroon balloon skirt, but I liked the look! Now, where can I find a maroon balloon skirt in size 14?


  1. Good for you, darling. And I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised if that skirt found its way into your hands - dreams have a way of coming true...

  2. Thank you for providing the link to the Guide. We/I will be able to see just what we/I missed. I also will contact some of the advertizers for their information which will help move forward with my transition. Thank you.

  3. I have a maroon balloon skirt myself, and I have yet to find the right venue for her debut.

    FF sounds perfect, so I hope you find yours in the meantime. I have already blown my conference budget for FY 2010.

    See you next year then... lets do make sure we don't have the same outfit on :)