Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Males Modeling Female Attire

(Updated Below) Two years ago, I wondered here how many female models were actually males.

"Urban legend says that some of the fashion models wearing female finery on the catwalks of the fashion world are actually males... Trying to determine which female fashion models, if any, are actually male has been a futile endeavor."

Since writing that post, I have mentioned the few male female models I have learned about, for example, Terri Toye, Martin Cohn, Phillipe Blond, etc.

Yesterday, An Admirer commented on that two-year-old blog post. Unless you happened to be reading that two-year-old post, most of you likely missed the comment, so I am mentioning it here. An Admirer wrote, "I've noticed recently that transgendered girls are all over Model Mayhem ...What's even more interesting is that some admit they are male up front. Wow!"

An Admirer then lists some of the models who admit to being male in their profile.

AlexMariaBez (photo above) is one of those male female models; actually he is an "aspiring" model. Dunno how many of the male models on Model Mayhem are aspiring or actually working models. Regardless, the times they are a changing and more males are likely to join the Martin Cohns and Phillipe Blonds on the runways of the female modeling world.

UPDATE: Since originally posting this blog entry, AlexMariaBez changed her gender on her Model Mayhem profile from "male" to "female." She gave no reason for doing so.


  1. You know, some models might not be very tech savvy and hence not filled out their forms completely or correctly at modelmayhem or elsewhere which might result in the 'default' details being shown on their profiles. AlexMariaBez has actually changed her gender to female overnight. Now if it is because she got notified about being 'mistaken' for transgender on this blog or simply changed it coincidentally on the day you featured her on your blog is anybody's guess. But, well, her profile now lists her as a 19 year old female.

  2. This is a comment about The Femulated picture that is to the left of today's blog post. Sorry, I don't know where else to post this.

    While that person certainly is beautiful and if indeed is male, it is even more remarkable, I don't see any resemblance to Bettie Page. No bangs, no attempt at 50's-style make-up or fashion.

  3. 99% of the models on Model Mayhem are "aspiring" models. It is a joke in the modeling industry.

    Every 17-year old girl posts pictures of herself on there and then claims to be a "model."

    There have always been rumors of alligators in the sewers of NY, too.

    Funny, nobody has ever seen one :-)

  4. Anonymous (1) --- Or she actually is transgender and changed her gender designation to match how she really sees herself.

  5. Anonymous (2) --- The Bettie Page reference was taken from the original caption of that photo.

  6. Jamiegottagun --- I am an aspiring model, but a lot older. Do you think I can get my profile up on Model Mayhem?

  7. I highly doubt that she is a he.

  8. Anonymous (3) --- I get that a lot, too!

  9. Hi, I am working now over a year as a model. I transitioned from tg to androgynous male to be more flexible and to cause less confusion. Please also consider that most of the models on sites such as modelmayham are doing it as a hobby and do not represent the "commercial fashion business" (which can be quite conservative and traditional) and those tall and skinny girls you have in mind really exist ;-) And yes, there are some exceptions :)

  10. Miss Viki --- Thank you for your insider's take on the subject!

  11. regarding your admirer who mentioned tg models are "all over modelmayhem".. may i have the names of others to check out there?
    this amazes me!!
    and i checked out phillipe blond.
    oh my you are so right.. gorgeous!

  12. Tiffany --- An Admirer's list of male female models appears in the Comments following the post that you can find here.

  13. Gosh, I begin to wonder if I was wise in posting my original comment about the Model Mayem models. I certainly seemed to have kicked the anthill! ;o)

  14. Happened to do a search for 'long haired males' on modelmayhem and ran into the following profiles, where the model has agreed to being transgender or male modelling female personas on their profiles - (androgynous)

    And this profile is of a member of who lists herself as female but admits to being bigendered on her profile -

    Phew! :) and this site is for any freelance model; there is no age bar. I guess you should be able to get some assignments if you network well.

  15. Thanks for posting the additional models. Your first model Julianne Marlo ( is stunning! I do seem to recall seeing her in my MySpace travels. That semi-nude shot of Julianne, especially, is absolutely breathtaking! It's enough to make a straight man gay!!! ;o)

    Stana, I love your blogs. Very well-written and thought out. I'm sorely tempted to start my own 'Admirer's Blog'. ;o)

  16. My word, Model Mayhem just keeps getting better and better. Check this one out:

    This young Australian is a bikini model, has been in a number of swimsuit competitions, and admits to being a man! I suppose he could be a fake, but my instinct tells me that Jade is being on the level, and in any case what would be the point?

    Further, in this day and age where kids are very computer savvy and text as much as they talk, I think it highly unlikely that Jade being listed as 'Male' is a mistake.

    Also, surfing further I found a photo gallery of the 'RALPH' 2008 competition and believe I've found another of Jade:

    Times like this I love being an 'Admirer'! ;o)

  17. no it was not a mistake to post admirer, we are very glad you showed us that the used-to-be-male models can be as good as the female ones ;o)

    are you sure about this one ?

  18. First of all to address the previous post, yes, I do believe aspiring Brit Model Sally Jenkinson is a boy. I think her sharp facial features, lightly muscled arms, modest chest, and big dark eyes support her assertion of being male.

    Secondly, check this one out: I think Model Mayhem has really done it this time! Maria is so beautiful and sexy that I would be sorely tempted to write her off as either a mistake on the sex designation or a fake. In her case though I think her 5'8" height, big dark eyes, mildly athletic physique, and the fact that she's Colombian to my mind all support that she is indeed ts. The only other thing I can say about this stunner is that we live in a strange world when a boy looks better as a girl than most of the genetic girls out there. ;o)

    Gosh, I would open my own blog on my favorite ts girls if I only had the nerve. ;o)


  19. hey admirer,
    that is one amazing model!!!
    if that really is a boy then.... *gasp* ;o
    there is a maximum of a slight hint in the face but she looks way too damn good for being a former boy xD

    thanks for the addition and i would find it pretty cool if you would open your site ^_^
    thoes girls (with a male past) really can hold a candle to the girls around here O.o

  20. Thanks for the vote of confidence as far as opening my own blog (Beautiful Traps???? lol). Being the paranoid type that I am ;o) I would be concerned about getting in to legal trouble with the girls for unauthorized use of their pics and/or outing girls that are trying to maintain in stealth mode. To take a reality check, I suppose I wouldn't have to give specific information about the girls like full name or website links. Also, would there be any issues about posting pics of underage teens other than the obvious no no (nudity)? (I ask because I found a couple of 16-17 year old MySpace and Model Mayhem gurls that are breathtaking!) If anyone has any thoughts on these concerns I would love to hear them.

    BTW, I found some pics of Alex Bez modeling for the Detroit Fashion Week. You have to hand it to Alex. It must have taken a lot of confidence for someone so young to get up there on the runway modeling woman's clothes with all those genetic girls and all those people watching. I can only surmise he must have been dressing as a girl for a long time prior to that show. Of course if I do a blog one of my first pages will be devoted to goddess Alex. ;o)


  21. I know many readers of Stana's wonderful blogs are going to think I have too much time on my hands, and they would probably be right. lol However, check this one out:

    As Vizzini from 'The Princess Bride' would say, "Unbelievable!" For the first time I'm wondering seriously if this one is a fake. I mean, beautiful face and hair, gorgeous un-muscular legs, small hands and feet; the only thing that would make me even remotely suspicious is her slight Adam's Apple in the full body shot. If Alicia is truly male, he is amazing!

    Also, one thing I've noticed on Model Mayhem (and Alicia's page is a case in point): If I suspect a person is tg and I see model Henry Dankwah as one of the friends, then that about clinches it for me. I know I'm on mildly shaky and politically incorrect ground here, but where there's smoke there's fire. ;o)


  22. hey admirer,
    you ocould just ask the people or? if they are not okay with it you don't do it. simple. as for underage girls well as long as they are normal pictures and it's okay too?
    i mean it is about there new role and i think many want to come out with it :D
    hopefully you can open your blog once those obstacles are out of your way ^_^

  23. Thanks for the feedback 'Anon'. Although in most cases I don't feel comfortable reaching out to the girls, I suppose as you implied the main thing would be to avoid using pics from sites where they specifically state not to use without permission.

    All, any thoughts on these two?:

    To my eye Hannah looks transgendered, though still very cute. Concerning Erin, I'm less certain about her, though there are a number of things that make me wonder. For instance, her shoulders and long fingers, she doesn't do swimsuit shots (unusual for a young GG model) and Mr. Dankwah is one of her friends. ;o) It's also interesting to note that they've both removed their original size '9' shoe sizes from their profiles.

    Speaking of Erin, I'm amazed at how many beautiful Australian ts girls I've seen over the years, especially when you consider the relatively small population of that country. Wonder what's up with that? ;o)

  24. hey it's me again!
    so this person claims to be transgendered too. what do you guys think?? :O