Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to Provincetown

Two years ago, I attended to Fantasia Fair. After attending the event, I wrote, "I had a wonderful time at Fantasia Fair and I am sure I would have a good time if I attended again, but weighing the cost versus the potential of growing more as a woman, I think my money would be better invested elsewhere."

Since writing those words, I have grown more as a woman... a lot more. I no longer think twice about going out en femme. I realize now that I really am a woman and that going out en femme affirms my being as a woman.

Growth as a woman is no longer a goal; it is time to experience life as a woman.

Provincetown is my kind of town and I want to experience it as a woman, rather than a transwoman trying to find herself. Also, I want to renew acquaintances with the folks I met the first time I attended the event.

So, I am attending Fantasia Fair this year for a half-week, from Sunday, October 17 through Wednesday, October 20.

In addition to attending, I will be presenting a workshop in which I describe the care and feeding of a ridiculously popular transgender blog that was once dubbed the "center of the blog universe."

I hope to see you in Provincetown.


  1. I recommend Napi's as a really great place to eat!

  2. Dearest Stana,
    Me too, i feek i am a woman and i want to be 24/7. I want to do things women do as a woman, talk, walk, think...live as a woman
    Maria Victoria

  3. Rita --- Indeed! Two years ago, I ate at Napi's twice and enjoyed the dining experience.