Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Bad Fit

scout100804 Meg of Call Me Meg blog fame asked me if I had seen the Slate article about the summer camp for transgender kids.

I had not, so I read it and was in awe.

Meg's comment about the article was "It makes me wonder how my life would've been different..."

For me, I don't have to wonder.

If there had been a transgender camp for kids when I was young and if my parents had sent me to that camp, I have no doubt that I would have lived my life as a woman.

Instead of transgender camp, my parents sent me to Young Marines camp where I did not fit in and was shunned by my fellow Young Marines and the elders who ran the organization.

I guess it was my parents' attempt to make a man out of me, but I hated every minute of being a Young Marine because it was such a bad fit. I tried to be a good soldier, but I just did not fit in.

I would have preferred joining an organization like the Boy's Auxiliary of the Girl Scouts where I would have flourished, but such an organization only existed in my dreams and I had to suffer as a Young Marine until I quit.


  1. I spent two years as a Cub Scout and hated it. I was never an "outdoorsy" type and much preferred writing, drawing and performing. I was not outwardly girlish (still am not in male mode), but hiking and camping and tying knots and the like were not my thing.

  2. Forced to go to 'Young Marines' Camp??! You poor thing...! What torture....

  3. You're not the only one to see that piece and think "If only...".
    A young Marines camp does sound like torture.
    Meanwhile on the other side of the Atlantic I was in the Air Training Corps, the Royal Air Force's effort to ensnare the youth.
    I didn't fit in with the meathead other kids and the culture wasn't my thing, but I did find a lot of release in the rather cool stuff we got to do. Not least meeting other kids with an unhealthy interest in how a radio worked :)

  4. These transgendered camps are far between. They don't advertise much. I'd like to see more of them, at least one per state or regional sites. Transgendered kids are forced to go to camps that don't meet the needs required.
    Boy Scout camps are military oriented, Girl Scouts won't allow boys to attend even if they are transgendered. If a boy showed up at a boy scout camp in a dress or skirt he would be chased out, but probably not until he was physically assaulted or raped.