Monday, August 30, 2010

Amazing Womanless Beauty Pageant Femulation

Aunty Marlena e-mailed me links to some Web sites documenting recent womanless beauty pageants. The best of the batch was a March 27 pageant at American Legion Wright Brothers Post 210 in Montgomery, AL.

There were a few above average femulations at that pageant; see for yourself here.

But this pageant also featured one of the best femulations I've ever seen in any womanless pageant. A tall, leggy blond named Tammy (photos above) stole the show and was crowned Miss-ter Post 210 for 2010.


  1. Have you seen this?

  2. Gotta be a "ringer" -- he may or may not be a member of that post, but if he's not also working nights as a drag queen, I'll eat my bra. I mean, it even looks like he "tucked" to wear that tight swimsuit -- no typical American Legion member would even know of the practice, let alone attempt it! (And blow up that middle pic -- is that an old tanline visible on his thighs about an inch below the bottom of the suit? Methinks he's worn such attire before...)

  3. "Tammy" was far and away better than "her" competition in the pageant. "She" deserved to win!

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  5. some more...

  6. I've browsed through most of your pageant links, and I still think the two 'girls' from the Florence Middle School pageant (the brunette in the blue prom dress and the blond in the red evening gown) were by far the best. Immaculate makeup, manicures, and pedicures ;o), realistic-looking wigs, and soft milky white skin....they are total hotness! It would have been interesting to see how long those two remained 'en femme' after the pageant??? ;o)

    Admirer John

  7. I think that Tammy may be a female impersonator -- she is too good just to be an amateur womanless contestant.