Friday, August 27, 2010

Girl Talk

This morning, I went into the kitchenette at work for a coffee refill and found my female friend, Nan, who knows all about Stana, talking with another woman, Liz, who does not know about Stana, but might suspect something because she saw me crossdressed twice for two company Halloween parties. (I changed their names to protect the innocent.)

Liz was holding up a black cocktail dress and they were discussing the merits of the dress. Naturally, I was all ears.

I was just waiting for Nan to joke with me about the dress because just yesterday, Nan asked me how my never ending diet was going and I told her I had slimmed down from a dress size 18 to a size 14.

Nan said nothing, but smiled at me like the Cheshire Cat.

I was surprised when out-of-the-blue Liz asked me what I thought about the dress!

I did not feign disinterest. Instead, I examined the dress and told her it was very nice, especially for the price ($39 at Marshall's).

I am considering coming out to Liz; I can use another ally.


  1. I would've asked if I could borrow it, but Nan might've misinterpreted a joke as "Liz knows" and forced your hand.

    I like to do this on my own schedule. I suspect you do too.

  2. Meg --- I felt so wonderful to be brought into the girl talk circle that I would have been ok with anything that may have happened. But, I do prefer following my own schedule.