Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Highness of Heels

newshoes I love high heels.

The majority of my shoes are high heels and most of my heels are three to four inches in height.

I am very adept at walking in high heels.

I never had a problem walking in heels. From the first day I started wearing heels when I was a teenager, I took to them like a duck takes to webbed feet. I only wish that all my heels were as comfortable as I am walking in them.

That being said, the fall shoe styles have been showing up in the usual places on the Internet and I am in awe at the highness of this fall's heels. I cannot recall such a proliferation of heels over four inches in height (except maybe on the fetish shoe sales web sites). Lots of 4-1/2 heels and some topping the 5-inch mark on such non-fetish web sites as Spiegel, Newport-News, Metrostyle, Payless, Norstrom, Macy's, etcetera, etcetera.

The "new arrivals" at Newport-News (pictured above) are typical. From left to right is their patent stiletto platform pumps" with a 4-1/2-inch heel, a T-strap sandal with a 4-1/2-inch heel, a cutout ankle boot with a 5-inch heel, and a sequined platform pump with a 5-inch heel.

I really like the cutout ankle boot, but can I handle a 5-inch heel? One thing for sure: at 6'7", I would be outstanding in my heels!


  1. If you use Firefox, go to and type "shoes" in the search box. Lots and lots of shoe themes!

    I have the one called "my favorite shoes" on my firefox. At work. No-one's said anything yet. :)

  2. I had lots of Newport News shoes but I had to stop buying them. I found they usually fell apart after wearing them for one year.

  3. I can wear 4 inch stiletto sandals with no problems at all. On the other hand, my wife's idea of high heels is something only 1.5 inches tall. Kind of ironic that men can wear heels at least as well as the women, while standard men's heels are only about 3/4 inch tall or less for the most part with only a few exceptions.

    King Louis the 14th of France wore 5 inch heels and he had an edict that no-one was to wear any heels higher than that.


  4. Meg --- Thank you. I will definitely femulate Firefox with a new persona!

  5. Laurie --- I probably own a dozen Newport-News shoes and so far, they have held up. But truth be told, I probably only wore each pair out two or three times each.