Sunday, April 25, 2010

a new dress that fits

The two dresses I ordered from Chadwicks arrived and they are too small.

They are both the "same size," but one was much smaller than the other. Neither is available in a larger size, so they both go back for a refund.

My wife needed a new top, so we went to Fashion Bug. My wife found what she wanted and I found a dress that I wanted, but I was not sure it would fit. I did not want to try it on with my wife in tow (I did not want to embarrass her), so I bought it anyway after I eyed it more thoroughly and determined it would probably fit after all.

I tried it on when we arrived home and it fit perfectly. That's it pictured right.


  1. I've been eyeing that same dress at Fashion Bug. Did you know you can order from them online and they'll ship to your local store for free? So useful if the size you need isn't in stock at the store...and if you can't have femme stuff shipped to your own door!

  2. Dani --- Funny you should mention that. As I was paying for the dress at the cash register, another customer was ordering the same dress in her size, which the store did not have in stock.