Wednesday, April 14, 2010

girl talk


I went to the kitchen at work to replenish my cup of coffee and found the woman I came out to last month doing the same.

We talked a few minutes about coffee, tea, caffeine, and their negative affects with regards to sleep.

When I thought the conversation was over, I said, "See you later."

She said, "Before you go, I want to pass along some shopping advice."

"What advice?" I replied.

"Don't buy knee-highs at Wal-Mart."

She complained that they were not very sheer, they looked like support hosiery, and they stretched too much. She then hiked her long skirt up a bit to show me their lack of sheerness. She added that she preferred to buy her knee-highs at Target.

I tried to keep up my end of the conversation, but I was a little surprised about having such a girly conversation... not so much that she engaged me in such a girly topic and treated me like another woman --- that was actually very nice, very affirming.

What surprised me was that our girly conversation was taking place in a very public location at work within earshot of a few cubicles.

Anyhow, wow!


  1. That's a wonderful experience - what a lovely woman. It just shows the benefits of coming out.

  2. I agree with Heloise, what a lovely lady you came out to. unfurtunatly those benefits (coming out) don't extend everywhere. Here in Mexico I can only dream about things like that, but it is great to hear sisters are doing it.

  3. Staci, You must have been on cloud nine, hon! Just one of the benefits of having people know who you are.


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  5. Well done her for doing that for you! I had just such an instant switch into girl-talk from one of the ladies I came out to. Fantastic, isn't it.

  6. It was definitely cool. Problem was that I was so surprised, I didn't know what was really happening and I fumbled my end of the conversation. Next time, I will be ready!

  7. Well maybe your friend is very affluent. I find Walmart brand to be very durable, and affordable. If money is no object, then by all means only buy Berkshire...


  8. Staci
    What a super wonderful converstion
    to have with someone at work. You
    are such a "classy" woman, you
    must be a very nice and classy
    person no matter how you present.
    Absolutely love you blog, check
    it daily.

    Lots of hugs to you
    Karen Marie

  9. You know, since I choose not to transition at this time, a conversation like this can make the difference and relieve some of the stress. Funny how such little things in life can mean so much.