Sunday, April 11, 2010

a househusband's work is never done

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  1. Recently found your website. The trend towards feminization of society and men, I think, is a result of an advanced infrastructure.

    In the natural world, it is the brawn of men that allows the human species to survive. It is also men's brawn that also builds society.

    As society becomes more advanced, the quality of life increases for everyone which allows for more freedom. Freedom for racial equality, gender equality, etc.

    So the ultimate goal of an advanced society is female-dominated one. Will men become second class citizens in a thousand years from now? Or will it be more along the lines of a benevolent dictatorship under a feminine elite who govern over female and male unisex worker bees/drones who accept their roles?

    The male sex is certainly inferior in many ways. Prone to violent behavior, shorter lifespans, and lower average intelligence (if one looks at the grades that boys and girls get in school) and yet the occasional male gem is able to produce genius (Mozart, Shockley) that defied this adversity.

    Woman is certainly the stronger sex. The early dominance of males was a necessary evil in order to surpass the limits of nature and to create a society where she may show her true potential.

  2. I do believe that technology will also solve the social problems of male violence and that those men who know how to get along will be rewarded, while male crminals and abusers will be jailed and shut out.

    A future dominated by women does not necessarily mean that men won't succeed. But men who excel in certain fields will most likely work for companies with women in charge.

    A more feminine society will also be one where men dress more femininely and demurely. There will be macho types, but I think that the sociobiological drive will discourage that. Even today, homophobia is increasingly discouraged.

    The trend towards house husbands is one of the side effects of many women who can out-compete the men for those well paying white collar jobs.

    There is still a male elite, but these are a holdover from a previous generation. Parity will arrive soon, and female excellence will take over.

    How will men fit in? Some will " feminize" to try to fit in. Alpha males will try to adapt but they will serve woman.

  3. So in conclusion, I think that a primitive society is more male dominated than an advanced one. I realize that i paint a very broad brushstroke and someone might point out to me some non-advanced matriarchal society.

    In the stone age, a female society gets crushed as soon as it comes in contact with a male one. However, the democratic societies of the west, where women have more freedom, they dominate over the brutally patrarchal middle east.

    The only caveat to a hyper advanced future where women excel and dominate is the need to find enough resources and energy to create one. We are just one global thermonuclear war away from being reverted to the stone age.

    Today's society is a pretty good one to live in. But given the choice between male domination and female domination, the latter is preferred in terms of freedom for everyone--even men. The brutal, male dominated society only benefits the top 1%.

  4. Staci,
    Does this mean that, in your days off as fully fem, you begin to be the 'man in curlers', doing work around the house... as dictated by the wife?
    I know from my own inner feelings I sometimes fantasize being a maid for my wife... on in such femme modes like curlers and a housedress..

  5. Well said, femfan... I think you have some good ideas. But I, in the end, opt for gender equality as stated in The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler. It may be fund being in a d/s relationship, even subtley so with women, but oppression is oppresion, in the nd.

  6. I don't understand this whole obsession with women becoming "dominant," or men being inferior. It's very chauvinist. I hope that if I ever do go all the way and become a woman physically as well as mentally I don't have to keep clutching this male desire to be the dominant gender. Equality among the sexes, male, female and in between is what we should all hope for. And as someone who has his/her feet in both worlds I don't think men are inferior and I think brawn and violence sometimes come in quite handy... particularly if one is confronted by say a mugger, wild animal, drywall that needs to be hung or tire that needs to be changed.

  7. feminized, legs shaved , and all male clothing gone--panties and female jeans, all tops have buttons on the left are all female--hair now colored at a beauty shop--ears pierced-
    at a lunch with her female friends she informed them of my feminization. she had all my panties to show them. when I came into the room they toasted the new girl husband.

  8. Of course a househusband's work is (and should) NEVER be done... BY A FEMALE!

    (... and by the way when tomorrow's male girl does 'her' household chores in the FEMALE MASTER's HOME -- 'she' had better be properly femininely dressed when doing them!)