Wednesday, April 28, 2010

dress successes

Mister Mailman delivered my dress order from Avenue.

After I discovered that the two dresses I ordered from Chadwicks last week were too small, I worried that the dresses from Avenue would be too small, too, because (1) I ordered the same sizes from both Chadwicks and Avenue and (2) the same company (Boston Apparel Group) owns Chadwicks and Avenue, as well as Jessica London, Metrostyle, Roaman's, Woman Within (what a perfect name for a transwomen shopping venue!) and more.

I am happy to report that both dresses fit fine and they look very nice.


  1. Staci
    What is the color of the dress
    on the right...Plum??? It is
    SO PRETTY, I just love it.
    I'm sure you will look sooooooooo
    nice in it.


  2. I have thought of ordering the dress on the right, but haven't so far.

  3. Karen --- According to the catalog, the color of the dress is "smokey rose."

  4. Glad you got the right sizes - as a plus size woman, I completely understand your frustration. I love the colors you chose - the blue is fabulous!

  5. These dresses were a great choice. I'm glad they fit you, I'm sure they'll look gorgeous!