Monday, April 19, 2010


As I have written here on more than one occasion during the past two weeks, I plan to attend a conference en femme next month and made my intentions known to friends and acquaintances, who will also be attending.

Over the last 32 years or so, I have attended this same conference about 20 times all en homme. My earliest attendance was as a civilian and I dressed like most of the other male civilians in attendance, i.e., very casually, typically, jeans, sneakers, and depending on the weather, a T-shirt or sweatshirt.

My more recent forays at this conference was as a forum moderator, forum speaker, and representative of one or two organizations present at the conference. "Business casual" was my usual attire, which was typical for the non-civilian males at the conference.

Non--civilian females at the conference turn it up a notch higher than the males. "Business" or "office" attire is the norm and that is how I plan to dress.

But I have nothing to wear!

Actually, I have nothing I want to wear. After perusing my closet for suitable business attire, I concluded that I need some new clothes for the conference.

My trip to Dress Barn last week was fruitless and my plans to visit Kohl's this weekend were a wash-out.

Saturday, I received a catalog from Chadwicks trying to entice me to buy something, otherwise, they threatened to stop sending catalogs. The enticement was if I bought one item, I could get a second item of equal or lesser value for free!

I also received an e-mail from Avenue offering free shipping if I spent $50 or more.

Both offers enticed me, so I browsed their "Career Dresses" offerings to be further enticed.

Many items interested me, but I narrowed them down to the four dresses in the photo above.

The first and third are from Chadwicks; the second and fourth from Avenue. The fourth does not include the jacket, however, I already own a jacket identical to the one in the photo.

All, except the second, are in the colors I ordered. The color I ordered for the second dress is "poppy/vanilla," not the black/vanilla shown in the photo.

With all the special deals, the four cost me only $110 delivered.

Keep your fingers crossed that everything fits.


  1. Always cheezes me off that Avenue insists on putting their clothes on models who could never wear the sizes they carry. Dresses for size 14 up on size 2 models, well, you can be sure they have to be completely reconstucted for the shoot.

    More, since Avenue sold out to Redcats last year, the quality has dropped way off. The Cloudwalker shoes are no better than Payless now. So sad; 13 W is so hard to find, especially generously sized 13.

    Still, most women our age have learned to cut down the variety and tend towards quality.

    Any Talbots outlets near you? You seem such a Talbots kind of gal. . . .

  2. Oooh! I like them all. You have good taste. Hope they fit and if not, can I borrow them?


  3. Some great clothes at good prices at Newport News


  4. Andee --- I shop at Newport News a lot, but nothing they had recently thrilled me.

  5. I agree with Babe, you look like a Talbot's gal. I would also recommend Jessica London (or Chadwicks of Boston) and Coldwater Creek.

  6. I hope you will show us all what they look like on you?

  7. Where online can I find womens size 14 sandles?

  8. Charlene --- You can try: up to size 15

    : up to size 16

    Endless: up to size 16

    Gwyneth Shoes: up to size 15 up to size 17.5

    Zappos: up to size 16