Saturday, February 6, 2010

womanless pageant news

Aunty Marlena alerted me to a womanless beauty pageant held last weekend at the Benjamin Russell High School in Alexander City, AL.

This was one of the better ones as far as the quality of the femulation is concerned. However, the predominance of hairy legs and arms makes me think that the "girls" made a pact beforehand not to shave those body parts in order to hang onto some shred of masculinity.

Anyway, here are the rest of the photos.


  1. Lady Stci,

    Looks as if BALANCE was a major issue in several of these photos:)

    Great Piece!



  2. To be fair to the "girls," I think they did a much better job than the "guys," did.

    Seems they might have made a pact of their own to wear as much make-up, and make sure their hair looked just as pretty as possible, to hang on to all of their femininity, to offset those jackets and ties :-)

  3. Last year, I sold some shoes on EBay to someone staging a pageant over on the east cost of Florida. I'll see if I can find the email and Google for the event.

    Considering the location and the fact that they're high school kids, expecting an all-out effort with shaving and waxing is probably asking for too much. I had a intensive training class not far from there last year, just inside the Georgia border, and I noted that the local cable system carried the major network affiliates, Fox News, and a 24/7 gun channel.

  4. This was great - some of the dresses were gorgeous, and some of the guys looked really good.

  5. You're right. Too much body hair on several of them. A few of them looked OK, though. Overall I'd rate this WBP a B+ on "femulating"

  6. I participated in a womanless pageant as a freshman at a small southern college in 1969. I had a bunch of help from my closest co-ed friends. At the time the outfits were not as extravagant as today but having a slight build, a long wig, and wearing something with a feminine silhouette canceled out most of the masculine cues. In the end I came out as first runner up losing to a drama major with a blond ponytail and a wicked mini dress.-Andee


    Another set of WBP school pics