Monday, February 15, 2010

my favorite photos page

In case you had not noticed, I use Blogger for this blog.

The brains behind Blogger are always adding new features to improve the Blogger world. I recently discovered a new feature, i.e., the ability to create up to ten static pages to a blog.

Ever since I abandoned flickr, I had planned to create a Google Sites web page to host my photos. However, being a low priority project, I never got around to it.

When I discovered the new static page feature of Blogger, I figured that It would be a quick way to get my gallery of images back online, until I get around to doing it with Google Sites.

It took about ten minutes to create the page, load it with photos, and publish it. And here it is: my favorite photos page.


  1. Blogger creates a photo page on Picasa Web Albums. All of your blog photos are stored there.

    Go to Google's home page > click on more > click on photos and to log in use user blogger user name and password.

  2. Hey Staci-Lana - thanks for the gadget tip. Will employ on my site. And btw, you completely kill in the Bunny Outfit. Outstanding!

    Admiringly yours....

  3. I'll give it a try for the Daytime Office Girl Crisis 2 section of my blog. Thanks for the tip. Love Caroline (Mc1)

  4. This is something I've been wanting to do on my blog forever. In fact, I've been thinking of switching to WordPress just so I can have multiple pages. Thanks so much for the heads-up. Now I just have to go figure out how to do it!

  5. Sherri --- Click on the "New Post" link on your blog. When the New Posy window opens, click on the "Edit Pages" link just above the blank Title: field and go from there.