Wednesday, February 17, 2010

designer makes unisex clothes because everyone is born unisex

unisex_100217 Androgyny was at its peak on the Rad Hourani catwalk yesterday. Both the male and female models dressed in tights, high heels, bike shorts, and layers of black on the runway. "Unisex is my main focus," Hourani told us. "All my pieces are unisex so you can wear it feminine, masculine, a guy can wear it, a girl can wear it, at any age, anytime, anywhere."

…it's not a matter of men dressing like women, or vice versa. "I don’t like to put limits to gender," the Canadian-born designer explained. "I think everybody is feminine, and everybody is born unisex." Not physically, of course. "I don’t believe in making differences between women and men. I think we’re born just, like, a human on the planet and it’s just the way we’re conditioned that we create desire."

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  1. I don't have time every day to comment.

    But somehow you have time every day to post something new and interesting.

    Just wanted to say how much I appreciate this, and that I look at your site every day for a lift.

    Thanks now, and for the next twenty dozen times I grab a quicky.

  2. Some clothes are more gender specific but the bigger difference lies in how each chooses to wear them. Nearly all my wardrobe comprises of clothes from female stores but I can wear them in 'bob mode' or in female.
    I like what this designer is doing a lot.
    Regards Caroline (Mc1)