Tuesday, February 2, 2010

be a normal man

homedepot "Be a Normal Man" is the subject of a spam e-mail I received yesterday. So, following the advice of that e-mail, I went to Home Depot during lunch to do some shopping like a "normal man."

To my astonishment, there were more women shopping at Home Depot than men. The majority of the Home Depot "associates" were women, too.

I felt a little out of place just like when I go shopping for girly things in a girly store while dressed in boy mode. It felt like every woman in Home Depot was watching me to see what girly product I would fondle. I could read their minds, "What is HE going to do with that Torx screwdriver?"

I was so paranoid that I used the automated self-check-out instead of going to a cashier (who were all women) to avoid the smirks and knowing looks that I was bound to receive while making my girly purchase.

Next time I shop at Home Depot, I will be sure to wear a dress, wig, makeup, and heels so I won't feel out of place.


  1. Men are not normal anyway, silly!

  2. I prefer Lowes - everyone knows it is geared towards women!!

  3. The first time I went to Home Depot as Diana, I was nervous and on the defensive. But everyone treated me with respect.
    Once again, I worried over nothing.

  4. and by the way...who WANTS to be a man!!! hehehe Anyway, you are right
    the women are running most everything now even Home Depot! Isn't it wonderful

    Sissy Gwen

  5. Great take on an ill-informed and poor spirited email message Staci-Lana, delivered tongue well in powdered cheek.

    Female consumers account for or are approvers of > 50% home improvement spending including the traditional hardware category.

    Lowes has done a better job catering to their key demograph than HD has done, and it surely shows in the stock price.

    Looking forward to hearing how your next shopping sortie at either place goes. Perhaps you should start at Sears though and see if you can find a nice outfit at the same time :)

    Happy shopping!

  6. I've found it always to be a good experience to get out of the house and run my errands en femme. Home Depot took a bit more courage, since the store is located in a less affluent neighborhood, and some of the people are ill mannered, so I'll get a few cat calls. But really, I don't mind being noticed. In a blond wig, I'm fairly unrecognizable anyway, but I've also gone fully dressed with my own hair. I haven't had a bad experience yet. Highly recommended activity, and besides, in the real world not every woman's shopping trip is for lingerie and shoes. Go for it!!!!