Monday, February 22, 2010

femulating in february... not so much

me20100113 I have gone the whole month without one femulation. And I don't expect to femulate anytime before the month is over unless there is a great gender epiphany and my family and employer inform me that they are ok with me en femme from now on. But that ain't gonna happen!

I blame the weather for my lack of Februray femulation. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

March is more promising on the femulation front.

On the 12th, I will attend the True Colors Conference, where I will be presenting my "Femulate" workshop. When I am not presenting, I will be working at the Connecticut Outreach Society's booth.

On March 20th, I will attend the annual banquet of the Connecticut Outreach Society, where I will eat, drink, dance, lip sync, and schmooze en femme.

I am so looking forward to March.


  1. Staci - Like you I have not had the chance to get out much recently. Due to illness and bad weather I have not been able to attend a couple of monthly events here in the Chicago area. I am hoping to be able to those events in March.


  2. "...unless there is a great gender epiphany and my family and employer inform me that they are ok with me en femme..."

    Staci, I have been for some time tempted to write this: I would love to hear more about your relationship with your family. I would love to hear how they are accepting your dual life, and what the trials and tests have been on the road thus far.

    I DO realize that this is asking A LOT from you, and I won't mind if you choose not to take up the invitation. Indeed, I won't even be surprised if you choose not to let this comment post to the blog. But I am sincerely interested. For a lot of people the fear of family is a major barrier to their self expression, and you seem remarkably well adjusted compared to "the rest of us" (LOL!)

    If you are able to weave more of this family-matters content into your blog it would be great.

    In the meanwhile, you will remain at the top of my Daily Reading List.

    much thanks,


    (If you are ever in New Orleans....)