Monday, February 8, 2010

more womanless pageant news

pageant_winner_100208 Aunty Marlena alerted me to yet another womanless beauty pageant. This one at the Heidelberg (MS) Academy featured some quality femulation.

In contrast to the pageant featured in my previous posting, most of the “girls” seemed to know how to remove hair both north and south of the neckline.

Here are the rest of the photos.


  1. Some of those dresses were simply gorgeous, and the young "lady" in the pink was absolutely beautiful.

  2. I would love to know which of these boys were touched in a special way that this won't be there last time in a dress, especially those who looked very good. If I had to guess, I would say for the winner, it won't be the last time, but what do I know.


  3. The one that won (shown wearing the crown), is clearly the most deserving (passed the best). Some of the heavier set kids looked more passable than the skinny ones (I think the muscles throws you off). Have to wonder what'll be written in the back of their yearbooks "most likely to get a job as a drag queen" :-)

  4. The one in pink with the red hair (runner-up) was especially beautiful. Just like in real beauty pageants, the prettiest girl never wins.

  5. Interesting to speculate as to which of these boys will x-dress in later life after this experience, but one should have a lot of admiration for them doing something that is totally antithetical to the macho culture they grow up in especially in the deep south.

  6. While I can applaud their preparedness to go something so unmasculine, it is a pity the body hair let a few down. Some of you will know I'm disabled with problems with grip but I manage to do this even if using traditional razors is out of the question. Let's hope next years entries are better.

  7. I wonder how many boys are adversely affected after participating in an event such as this. My first time dressing up, was forced to be in a silly play and I believe it traumatized me for life. Coincidentally I might have been destined to be a crossdresser, but it wasn't the best way to be introduced to it.

  8. another link at

    some of the young boys looking very pretty...if i had to do the same thing at that age i probably would be umiliated for a long time.


  10. In my case I did not even know of there was such a thing
    as the WOMENLESS Pageants till few years back when I was doing a search for
    young feminine males and I came across some photos with the heading of womenless
    pageants and from that point forward I was intrigued.
    after reading Stana's blog and the above comments I found myself also wish
    that I knew of these pageants when I was a teen.
    I'm not sure but chances are I just might entered.
    the only problem would been my parents.

    and I was wondering if there is a link to an official web site
    for listing of annual Womenless pageants??
    Plus it would if someone do a follow up some of the contestants
    featured some of these photos and any future photos that might be published.