Wednesday, February 3, 2010

high heels are good for you

High heels were the second item of woman’s clothing I wore when I began my experiments in femulation back in the early 1960s (the first item was nylon stockings). I took to heels like a duck takes to water. I never had a problem walking in heels and I loved how they shaped my legs.

Ever since I began sashaying in shoes of stupendous height, all I ever heard was how bad they were. A parade of experts claimed that high heels caused one bad thing after another. They were the cause of all that was wrong with our feet, as well as being responsible for some of society’s ills as well.

Well, I have some good news for high heel fashionistas. Contrary to popular opinion, wearing high heels is good for your physique and your psyche, according to studies recently uncovered by Team Femulate.

In one study, a British doctor performed tests using special scales and the results indicate “that high heels throw the weight onto the heel rather than onto the toes… which eliminates slouching, produces more healthy breathing, and adds inches to the bust.”

"But the greatest effect is the psychological one," the doctor added, "...long legs are admired and the high heel gives the impression of greater leg length... a sensation of slimness."

In another study, British scientists gave high heels a clean bill of health. “Instead of being unhealthful, high heels are actually easier on the body than low ones. In spite of the present vogue of high heels, there is no evidence that corns, flat feet, or other disorders are increasing.”

Works for me!


  1. It is true. I've a newspaper clipping January 17's Mail On Sunday (UK paper) by Emma Supple (Podiatrist and NHS Podiatical surgeon)that supports this. What she said was there are some people who need the support of heels and when the heel length is right this is better for their feet compared with flat shoes like ballet pumps. There are others who are best in flats.The article has a test that establish which you are and how to gauge the right heel height for you.
    Regards Caroline (Mc1 of UK Angela)

  2. Great looking and good for you? I do declare this is nice news. Not that I needed the help, but it is lovely to see some science supporting my instincts.

    btw --- the Harpers Bazaar "Femulate Her" shot of today is another real treat.

    Thanks Staci Lana!

  3. Petra --- Today's "Femulate Her" model is Goldie Hawn's little girl.

  4. At 6', 220 lbs I have long suffered with low back problems. It I stand in flat shoes for any period of time my back aches like crazy. Socializing at parties, in line at the supermarket...really any flat foot standing for 5 minutes or more is not good.
    3" heels change the curvature of my spine and relieve the pressure on my low back. Some nights I get home with my back in spasm and merely walking around the house in a pair of pumps does more good than anything offered by the physical therapist.
    Wearing heels tends to push the knees forward and brings my back into a relaxed curvature. Flatfooted with my knees locked leaves all the support of my torso and stomach on my abdomen.
    With my bad back I find that skiing also helps. Ski boots raise the heel and force the knees into a slightly bent position.
    For the record I prefer the pumps over the ski boots.


  5. Actually, I think I read once that ALL shoes are bad for you. It's best to walk around barefoot. This would be OK at home, but not too practical otherwise.

    Another thing I read, a doctor said you should not wear the same shoes every day. I like this idea. It justifies my owning 60 pair of women's shoes!