Tuesday, January 26, 2010

tall Tuesday

emily_blunt The Famous Females of Height List team has been busy researching the height of new encounters of the female persuasion and has six new entries for the list.

5'8" – Lake Bell – actress – film: It's Complicated

5'8" – Emily Blunt (photo right) – actress – film: The Devil Wears Prada, The Young Victoria

5'8" – Melanie Lynskey – actress – TV: Two and a Half Men, film: Up in the Air

5'8" – Giuliana Rancic– celebrity news personality – TV: E! News

5'10" – Kristin Dos Santos – expert – TV: Countdown (to Golden Globe Awards)

6’0” – Ayla Brown – singer – TV: American Idol

Thank you, Peaches, for the Ayla Brown addition.


  1. The Mona Lisa being a da Vinci self-portrait theory is tenous, at best. It's been tossed around for decades, and mostly laughed at by art scholars.

    The traditional view, and held today by all main-stream art experts, (because she is so named in the margin of the painting) is that it is a portrait of Lisa del Giacondo, the wife of a wealthy Florintine silk merchant.

    It has only been speculated to be of anyone else whenever (like now) someone figures they can make press, or sell a book by making a wild claim about what is undoubtedly the most famous painting in the world.

    You should at least add a "?" to the end of this one.

    I would love it if it did indeed turn out to be da Vinci, but such claims are more than likely to remain right up there with bigfoot and UFO's, since the current investigation (of which I'm assuming you're referring to) is always going to be stymied by the fact that there is lots of historical doubt that the remains in da Vinci's tomb are even actually da Vinci's.

  2. Jamie --- I guess we will never know for sure.