Monday, January 18, 2010

genderfork and the boy-chick

I came upon Genderfork a few days ago and added it to my blog list.

Genderfork announces that it "explores androgyny and gender variance through artistic photography and other neat stuff."

And it is definitely "neat," but what interested me even more is that it is youth-oriented, more so than a blog like Femulate, which seems to attract a more mature crowd (not that there is anything wrong with that).

Genderfork provides an outlet for the young gender variant crowd, which I think is absolutely wonderful.

I am a little jealous because when I was young, there were no outlets for gender variant kids like me. For all I knew back then, there was something very wrong with me, so I kept my "problem" closeted for a very long time.

I wonder where I would be today if I was able to openly express my gender variance when I was young. Maybe I would have become a professional female impersonator. Maybe I would be living as a female 24/7. Maybe... maybe... maybe...

Anyway, I am very happy for today's kids. They have opportunities I never had and hopefully, they will use those opportunities to live their lives as they desire, not as society desires.


  1. If I had to guess, I would assume that at least 40% or more of us would have moved toward transition if we had the available resources of today. I am happy too see that there are many gender variant children who are able to express themselves. I like you, felt as if there was something wrong with me so I successfully buried my gender issues deep down and was able to pull off a great impersonation of a successful male. Should I live to a ripe old age, I will look forward to see how far our (dare I say) people will advance and be accepted. How fitting to say I have a dream that we will all be accepted one day.

  2. I am happy for the young. Eventhough this openness was not available when I was young, the fact that we have advanced and I lived to see it, makes my day. This year at 53, I am going to start my transition. What makes this country great, is that it can adapt.

  3. *waves* Hi! A big jump in our visits yesterday alerted me to this post (350+ people came to us from your site). So thank you! Your blog is fabulous, and I'm glad you found us!

    lots of love,
    Sarah Dopp
    founder of Genderfork

  4. I agree boys today are more readily available to crossdress and it being more acceptable then when I was a boy. I have worn dresses since I was 11 yrs.of age. My mother encouraged it by dressing my brothers and I. As a young boy I had party dresses, easter dresses and everyday dresses. They don't make the party dresses today like they use to. Little girls dresses came with petticoats and tights, most today are plainer. I now wear skirts and skorts primarily. I don't care for many of todays dresses for women or little girls.