Saturday, January 16, 2010

the other sweater dress

IMG_1362p Originally, I planned to go out en femme twice during my roadtrip this past week, but snow on Monday evening cancelled one night out.

I did bring two outfits to wear for my two planned outings. I did not  want to waste packing for two, so I modeled the second outfit (the other sweater dress that I recently bought from Vicky’s) for my Canon Powershot.

The best photo of the shoot appears above right.


  1. Your posture is SO wonderful in your latest sweater dress picture. It really projects your growing confidence in your true femininity. Wish I could share more via email but your link opens Word as my email editor w/o showing me your address (and then fails to open). Hair and bosom and ankles also look lovely as does your complexion......Go Gurl!

  2. Anonymous --- Thank you for the kind words.

    Your web browser normally uses your operating system's default mail program to send an e-mail message, so your OS must have Word set-up as its default mail program.

    My e-mail address is "staci-staci at" (change "at" to @ and delete the blank spaces).