Monday, January 25, 2010

is my skirt too short?

heidi-klum Personally, there is some truth to “his fashion faux pas” that I posted here on Saturday. I have lost count the number of times I have gone out en femme and wondered about the length of my skirt (or lack thereof).

I am tall. The selection and availability of skirts and dresses in “tall” sizes is limited; even more so if you prefer something that is fashionable.

I am a fashionista and I prefer fashionable over practical, so most of the skirts and dresses I buy are cut for females of average rather than tall height. As a result, a hem above the knee for a female of average height turns out to be way above the knee on me. Not that there  is anything wrong with that.

I have shapely legs, or so I’ve been told. My mother often said I should have been a “girl” because I have such nice legs. The SO of a trans-friend of mine calls me “Leggy.” Countless other people claim that I have great legs. So, a short skirt on me is nothing to be ashamed of. And as they say, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.”

On the other hand, I don’t want to expose everything. So I go by the rule that my hemline should be no shorter than where the tips of my fingers reach down when standing upright (unlike Heidi Klum pictured above). I will admit that at times, I have violated that rule, but most of the time, I try to be a good girl and follow it.


  1. Hey Leggy, if you have them flaunt them is my mantra. And going by your photos, you have them. :)

    There is a delicious self-awareness that one gets with a shortish hemline. Being careful getting out of the car, taking a seat, picking up the dropped keys etc...

    One of the (many) nice bits of this life ne c'est pas?

  2. That is a smoking dress Heidi has on, if I were younger that would be fantastic to wear. Though I wouldn't do it now, besides I drive a pickup truck and getting into it with a dress is hard enough.

  3. That's not a dress.

    It's a fanny pelmet...!

  4. I think the first thing to consider is where and what the function is.
    I make no apology for being a short skirt lovin' gurl but I know anything under 18 inches in length just isn't gonna cut it professionally in the Office or external training situations. I need to project an image that says yes I know how to dress attractively but isn't just suggesting I'm just eye candy esp in mixed company.
    Something around 21 inches is about right - I'm around 5,7 in height so that shows a bit of my legs with some plain hose with a jacket works well.
    What you were to parties, night clubs is kinda different and hey I'd take the odd liberty with length so long as we didn't end up with something more like a belt.

    Regards Caroline/Mc1

  5. Well Petra already said it. If you got it flaunt it. I have pretty good legs too. My ex wife said I llooked better in a skirt than she did. Maybe why we're exes now. But still friends. LOL
    Of course there are limits,espcially if you can see your business, even if it is covered by panties. And don't get me started on the Mayor in Oregon.
    Well ttfn.
    Love this blog

  6. If you're clubbin' or partyin' go for it. If you are trying to "blend in" observe that most post-30 year old women tend not to expose too much leg.

    I'll admit I'm a little envious because like many (most?) natal women, I do not have long lean legs.

    However, I also feel compelled to point out that very short skirts (and the fabulous legs they expose) WILL draw attention, and with attention comes "being read" (which may not concern you, and need not as far as I'm concerned).

    My partner is 5'12" and I sometimes have to tell her "That's too short." Not that she doesn't have great legs and not (just) that I'm jealous -- I just don't want people to think she's the wrong kind of (t)girl.

  7. My legs are definitely my best feature and I enjoy showing them off...but, yes, sometimes we can go too far. I have been surprised by the occasional purchase that turns out to be far shorter when worn than it appeared to be in the store. (I've also had the reverse happen.)

  8. Thats a very slutty looking dress, naught, naughty...

  9. I think this is the shortest skirt I ever wore in public (I was modeling it in a fashion show).