Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hollywood en femme

actor1 Sunday, I watched the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards on the tube. Yes, I still watch television on a tube; on a 20-year-old Sony no less.

I watch entertainment industry award shows mainly to see how the females dress and perhaps be inspired on what to wear to my next formal or semi-formal affair.

In this fashionista's opinion, the dresses at the SAG Awards were better overall than the dresses at the Golden Globe Awards a week earlier. Mostly the same people showed up at both events, so maybe their fashion senses improved during the ensuing week.

As in past SAG Award broadcasts I have viewed, I was again taken aback whenever I heard a participant refer to an actress as an "actor." The same people were using the word "actress" a week earlier. It's as if the word "actress" had become the eighth word that you can't say on television.

I don't get it... or maybe I do!

Perhaps all those actresses are actually actors impersonating actresses.

No wonder they are all so tall! They sure have mastered their femme voices and mannerisms. But afterall, they are professional actors; if they can't sound convincing as females, who can?

And they have the best makeup artists and special effects people in the world to girl them up. So, it does not surprise me that all those gorgeous Hollywood starlets are actually guys en femme.

But now, I'm jealous. Now I want to be an “actor,” too!


  1. Nice take on this. I want to be one too!

  2. British telly is the same on this one. Girls are actors, funny girls are no longer comediennes. What their political correctness engine will do when faced with a t-girl actress who could be perfectly excused for taking exception to having a male description I have no idea.

    And yes, I could happily strut that red carpet in a fabulous gown as well!

  3. It's SAG policy, apparently, to refer to all members as "actors" is, after all, the Screen ACTORS Guild.

  4. Staci

    I'm new to your blog and so far, I think it should be at the top of the list. I see that you won the "beautiful blogger" award and I can understand that.
    I agree with you, a woman IS an actress. Now, I think that after looking at your picture, I'm sure you would make a fine ACTRESS.

    Thanks so much for your blog

    Sissy Gwen

  5. We can have all the fun we want with this, but the English language is one that tends not to have words that are gender-specific - unlike French or Italian, for example. And so, lawyer, doctor, nurse, baker, driver, model, blogger, etc. apply equally to both sexes. One wonders why actor, waiter and steward all has to be feminized to distinguish between the sexes.