Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wednesday outing

I am going out en femme Wednesday evening for a holiday dinner at a nice restaurant with some friends from the transworld.

After dinner, I am not sure what I am going to do.

Maybe I will go to Mohegan Sun casino. Do a little gambling, do a little drinking, do a little dancing, and have a lot of fun.

I plan to wear the retro Mad Men-inspired apple green dress that I bought at Dress Barn back in September. (I tried it on this morning and it looks spectacular!)

Needless to say, a full report will follow on Christmas Eve or thereabouts.


  1. Why not Foxwoods?

  2. os3 --- Mohegan Sun is closer to home than Fowoods, it's easier to get to than Foxwoods and I just like Mohegan Sun more than I do Foxwoods.

  3. Staci,

    That National Lampoon cover is amazing. If that's a guy, gulp, she's beautiful! I am simply floored. I can tell you what I'd done with that magazine if I'd had a copy back in '74. I wonder how many boys did, and had no idea just who their fantasy partner was. The Lampoon had to have known.

    I've flirted around your Q&A and Essentials pages, but didn't spot the answer I was looking for. No luck so far on Google either. There's advice for big butts, big thighs, bellies, . . . . but nothing for minimizing the appearance of broad shoulders. Any ideas?

    Thanks, JamieLin

  4. JamieLin --- I did have that magazine back in '74 (I'm an old lady) and when I found out the gender of the cover girl, it inspired me to try harder.

    Try this link for some advice on hiding broad shoulders.

  5. Thanks for the tip!


  6. Really interesting, particularly that far back. On these photos, maybe you could give more details such as the write up. Did the Lampoon, for example, say this was a male model in that issue?

  7. Amy --- I do not recall exactly how I learned the model's true gender.