Monday, December 7, 2009

“the femulated” and my heroes/heroines

Don’t know if you noticed, but I recently changed the title of the femulated images (in the left frame of this blog) from “He Femulated” to “The Femulated.” That change was in response to a reader who pointed out that some of the femulated people I featured there might not cotton to the pronoun “he.” Thus, I made the change to a more gender neutral title.

Actually, “The Femulated” was the original title of the femulated images, but when I changed the title of the upper image from “Femulate This” to “Femulate Her,” I changed the title of the lower image to “He Femulated” in order to complement the upper title.

Also, if I have a good online reference for the femulated individual, I will include a link to that reference in the individual’s name in the image caption. For example, if you click on the name of today’s “The Femulated” femulator, Grayson Perry, it brings up Wikipedia’s entry for the artist.

writer091207 my heroes/heroines

Grayson Perry/Claire is one of my heroes/heroines, as is Paul Whitehead/Trisha Van Cleef, who I featured over the weekend in “The Femulated” spot. They are people who femulate and make no bones about it. Although they use femme names when they femulate and have dual identities, they do not have secret identities that they hide behind like I do.

Some days, I seriously consider chucking my secret identity and revealing my dual identity. Then, I come to my senses and reconsider taking that step.

The thing is that lately, the days I consider chucking my secret identity are far outnumbering the days I come to my senses.

I am the kind of person that thinks about doing something, then wakes up one day and just does it letting the pieces fall where they may. Some of those pieces turn out to be insignificant and become non-issues, while those fallen pieces that turn out to be more significant work themselves out eventually.

So, maybe 2010 will be the year that I feature myself in “The Femulated” spot with the caption “<my male name>/Staci Lana Hunter, writer.”


  1. Petra --- It is so tempting that I have already formulated a game plan for doing it.

  2. How amazing that you can keep a dual identity with how much you are out.

    Ummmm, I'm going to be a stickler. "The Femulating" would be more correct. Females are "the femulated." Males are "the femulaters." Do I hear a great title for a hit TV show there?

    If "she" objects to a masculine pronoun, then by definition I don't think "she" can be femulating. Can a genetic female "femulate?"

    What a wacky world! I hope you accept this in the spirit of fun in which it's intended.


  3. How does your wife feel about revealing your dual identity? She has a stake in the outcome obviously. Have you ever written about your marriage?

  4. Hi Staci,

    I love your blog. I'll let you sort out the pronouns... but how about Phillpe blond? S/he's GORGEOUS and hot and talented and so out!


  5. Trish --- Philippe is gorgeous and another person I admire for being out there.

  6. Anonymous --- My wife accepts my dual identity. She has revealed it to some of her friends and relatives and has no problem when I reveal it, too.

  7. JamieLin --- It is a wacky world and sure makes life interesting!

  8. I just don't think I could do it, at least right now. My job puts me in the public eye. It could be catastrophic to let my secret out, yet I seem to be guarding it less and less every day. I wonder why (seriously).

  9. Calie --- In your heart, you really want to be out and perhaps you are outing yourself subconsciously.