Monday, December 14, 2009

fitting in

women_at_work Three years ago, my company was bought out by another company. A reorganization followed, which resulted in my boss (a male) reporting directly to a female about 20 years his junior.

It was no big surprise since my old company was "old school" with very few females in charge, whereas the new company was a relatively new company with many females in charge in various departments.

One month ago, we had a lay-off. My boss was let go. A male and a female co-worker in my department were also let go. A reorganization followed and my new boss is now a female about 20 years my junior. Also they hired back the female co-worker who was let go, but none of the males that were let go.

My profession was a male bastion for ages. Now my department is run by a female and most of my co-workers are female.

When my profession was a male stronghold, the females in my profession tried to fit into the “old boy’s club.” They wore little or no makeup, their hair was in a short style, and they wore tops and slacks – never a skirt or dress. Their only feminine accoutrements were a purse and maybe some stud earrings.

As my profession becomes a female stronghold, maybe I should try to fit in.


  1. Staci-Lana - I would be very curious to get your take on the present aesthetic in your workplace. With female ascendancy and numerical superiority, are the women dressing a little less butchy? With femininity not being a career limiting move, perhaps it is being better embraced. I do hope so.

    Please elaborate in a future post.

    Thanks and good luck with all future rounds of corporate boggle!

    --- Petra

  2. Woo hoo!

    Quite seriously Staci, this might be a great opportunity for you. Talk about being able to change with the changing character of the organization!

    I am one of those who views change like this as opportunity, and this particular opportunity is one designed perfectly for you.

    All the best,


  3. You probably DO fit in and maybe that's why you're still there! I know it may be anathema for a crossdresser to hear, but being a woman is NOT about the dress (or the bra) -- it's about relating to other women as a woman. (Speaking with the authority / ax to grind of a woman born woman.)

  4. great post, Staci!! As a closet submissive crossdresser and a middle manager in a large company, I was so pleased to see one of our former female administrative assistants recieve a double promotion as our company reorganized. she also took a position formally occupied by a mid 40's male. I now report to a confident and assertive woman, 15 years my junior. I have seen her transformation first hand, and I look forward to the new roles in our relationship!

  5. it is so nice to see women taking on the Assertive positions, while we males are being put into the more "Submissive" positions. As an advocate of Gender Role Reversal, I would hope that the women become even more "Butch", while hiring "Femme" men to be their assistants!