Saturday, December 19, 2009

tall Bond ladies

A few days ago, I read an article about James Bond films on the Internet and I realized that some of the actresses in the 007 flicks qualify for the Famous Females of Height List. In fact, two tall 007 actresses (Diana Rigg and Famke Janssen) have been on the list for awhile now.

Here are all the tall actresses and the 007 film they appeared in.

5’8” – Carole Bouquet – For Your Eyes Only

5’8” – Claudine Auger – Thunderball

5’8” – Lois Chiles – Moonraker

5’8” – Lois Maxwell – Miss Moneypenny in numerous James Bond films

5’8’ – Shirley Eaton – Goldfinger

5’9” – Diana Rigg (see photo)On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

5’9” – Maud Adams – Octopussy

6’0” – Famke Janssen – Goldeneye


  1. I so wanted to be Diana Rigg! When I met her some thirty years later she was as stunning as ever but I just could not bring myself to tell her what was in my heart. Only 5' 9", I was sure she should have been 4 1/2" taller.

    Caroline XX

  2. And let's not forget the 6-foot-even Caroline Cossey (Tula) in the 1981 Bond film "For Your Eyes Only."

  3. Anonymous --- I added Tula to the list.