Tuesday, December 15, 2009

don’t raise your boy to be macho

boy-playing-with-doll-copy In The Huffington Post, Philip Slater’s writes in his piece titled The Cowardice of Machismo, “We live in a world today… in which women are outnumbering men not only in colleges, but in all the professions, because they aren't mentally crippled by the overwhelming irrelevancy of traditional male gender training -- a training that robs those imbued with it of the mental flexibility necessary to deal with the complex world we actually inhabit. Making boys macho today is condemning them to irrelevance.”

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  1. Most studies that I've seen tend to prove that these gender-identified behaviors are innate, and not learned. They're the product of 25 million years of evolution. At one time it was neccessary for our species' survival for men to act one way, and women to act another.

    Besides, the fact that people like us exist should be proof enough that you can't change a person's ultimate behavior simply by the way you raise them. Somethings are always going to be intrinsic.