Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Christmas

Have yourself a merry little Christmas!



(And here is another photo from my Wednesday evening visit to the Mohegan Sun casino.)


  1. If your local Indian casino is like the one here in Tampa, you definitely stuck out -- that outfit is way too classy.

    The local tribe's facility is first rate, but the one and only time I went in there (sadly, en drab), the customers looked like the people in the pictures from this site:

    Honestly, I was disappointed that even gold lame was in short supply that evening. I only spotted one outfit.

    OTOH, you did look like you were there to spend money, and casino managment would have quickly dealt with anyone who gave you trouble.

  2. Roscoe --- The Connecticut casinos are very classy places; they are as nice as anything in Vegas. I go three or four times a year and most people dress somewhere between the Wal*Mart uniform and how I dressed Wednesday night. On weekend nights, some of the girls at the casino look like they came off the runway. So, I was definitely overdressed for a Wednesday night, but I felt very good about myself and if I attracted some attention, sobeit.

  3. This is a very flattering look for you. That hairstyle is fabalous.

  4. Lauralee --- Thank you for the very nice words!