Friday, December 4, 2009

TGIF… really!

I have been a very busy, busy, busy girl this week and I am really glad that Friday is here!


Nicole Wears Staci

Viewing the entertainment news on the web this morning, I see one of the premier members of my Famous Females of  Height list, the 5’11’ Nicole Kidman, appearing at the London opening of her latest film, Nine.

I love her outfit; it is so Staci! (I never met a short pleated skirt I didn’t like.) And her shoes are a delight, too (they are “Hamish” from Nine West).

She looks so lovely!

Tuesday Again

After revisiting yesterday’s post and reading your comments, I have additional thoughts about my day out en femme on Tuesday.

To improve our outreach skills, we read the student’s comments/reactions after each class. They are interesting at a minimum and often reveal things we would never know otherwise, so they are very valuable tools.

I ate up the positive comments about my outfit, as well as the comments that some students were flabbergasted when they learned our birth genders.

I was surprised that some of the students were apprehensive about our visit. They did not say what caused their apprehension, but the good news was that their fears disappeared when they learned that we are real people just like they are.

If they all left with that positive impression, I think we did our job.


  1. I love to read the comments from the students after class. The professor at the class I have been speaking at for over 15 years has each student turn in comments about their impressions after class as a way of taking attendance. He allows us/the panel to read those comments. It is interesting to see what the students have to say as they are usually pretty honest and open with the comments.
    Something I have been doing since the very beginning is asking the class "how many of you have had any kind of interaction or experience with someone who is transgendered?" In the early years a few hands would go up and those were usually someone who had seen a drag show someplace. However, in the class I did last month, about 75% of the students raised their hands and most comments were that they knew someone who is transgendered. My, how times have changed!
    A little fun the we have on the panel is before class we write our names on the blackboard behind us in big letters so that the class can call us by name, then under our name, in small print we put down the time we think that the "question" will come up... that being "when out in public, which bathroom do you use?" The question comes up every time we present and we give a special little prize (candy usually) to the person who asks it and congratulate the panelist who came closest to guessing the correct time. We always have fun with that.

  2. I can't find her actual height, but I bet Michaele Salahi belongs on your Height List.

  3. Meg --- She looks tall enough.

  4. Sorry, I'm going to complain. That outfit needs stockings, hose or tights might work too, but regardless she's not dressed!


  5. How wonderful, Staci! Great work... and, you are such a role model for us all!