Friday, October 23, 2009

welcome to the center of the blog universe

Last night, I was settling in to watch the only television show I never miss, 30 Rock. With a few minutes to go before the show and my laptop in my lap, I decided to check my blog to make sure it has not blown up.

In all my years of my blogging, no blog of mine has ever blown up, so checking my blog is more of a motherly thing... just checking in to see that everything is alright with my baby.

Turned out that everything was copacetic with the blog, so I scanned the "Newest Postings From My Blog List" sidebar to see if any of the blogs I follow have any new postings. I blink my eyes because I could not believe what I saw, a new posting from Beck's Cafe titled "Femulate: Center of the blog universe."

Whoa! What's this all about?

I skip over to Beck's Cafe as fast as my trackpad would take me and read Rebecca's very kind words about my blog and her claim that Femulate is in fact, the center of the blog universe because among other things, it is a big source of traffic for other trans-related blogs.

Wow! I felt so undeserving of such praise (and turned red as a beet) especially since I was unaware of Femulate's referral power. A few people have mentioned to me in the past that they get some traffic from my blog, but I was not aware of how much traffic as well as how many blogs get that traffic. So, this was quite a revelation.

All I can say is, "Thank you, Rebecca" and "Wow!"


  1. Staci-Lana

    I must second the emotion. In my short 1 year of blogging, Femulate has been the source of over 4,000 unique visits to Voyages en Rose. Additionally, I cannot count how many really terrific blogs I have found through your linked postings.

    Certainly, there is a quality of writing, art direction and technical savvy that makes Femulate such a superb venue, but I believe that most of your referral strength comes from a common view that you are simply a very accomplished, whole person. The qualities that make you a first-rate Femulator are the same qualities that you must be admired for en femme, in drab, or in any guise.

    Enjoy the view from the center of the universe. You are clearly causing it all to expand nicely.

    Very respectfully yours,


  2. Half of my blog traffic come from your blog also.

  3. Rebecca is right! Your blog is also the nicest looking blog in the T-Universe. It really shows the work you put into it.

    And, Staci, I am forever grateful for the link to my little blog.

    Calie xxx

  4. Petra, Calie and Diana --- Thank you for the very kind words! I'm happy to help in any way.

  5. The comment was definitely well deserved. Your blog is required reading for me, primarily because we seem to be very similar (though you are much more articulate!)

    I should also add that you should be particularly proud with the comment coming from Becki. She is one of the most amazing women I know.