Thursday, October 29, 2009

removing hair and finding her

Tonight, I will be going out en femme to attend a Halloween party. It has been just over a month since my previous outing en femme, so I had to do some maintenance this morning in preparation for this evening.

The hair that I removed last month had grown back. Although, it was very sparse, I still had to remove it in order to look and feel fully feminine, so this morning, I put hair removal cream on my legs, arms, and chest.

After the cream had chemically reacted with the hair, I got in the shower and used a wet face cloth to remove the cream (now mixed with hair) and revealed the smooth, hairless legs of a woman.

Depiltating my legs is a part of my femulation routine that really does it for me every time!


  1. Like you Staci, my hair grows back slowly too. I usually do my shaving once a week just cause I like to be smooth and feminine. It too is sparse but it bothers me I guess.

    After shaving and showering then I'll rub lotion all over me, especially my legs.

    I just adore my legs being smooth, soft and silky ... so feminine. Just the me I want to be.

    Only tried the removal cream on a few other occassions. Though it did an okay job, I think shaving gets it closer. Maybe there is a better removal cream than the one I used, to be tried again some day.

    Having smooth, soft silky legs really does it for me. Makes me fell just wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing Staci and thanks for your wonderful blog.

  2. I do a complete body shave once a week. Its part of my femulate routine. It feels great after and I look forward to it eventhough I don't go out en femme often. I keep my toe nails polished, finger nails neat, so when I do get a chance, it does not take me as long. I try to stay ready for those few times a year.

  3. Two days ago; as my "male" self, I stopped by a local salon and asked if they were busy and they weren't.

    I said that I was going to a Halloween party this weekend and wondered if I could get a pedicure and leg wax.

    They said no problem; so for the first hour, I had a pedicure, along with the necessary filing, shaping and buffing, followed by a very relaxing foot message. The girl said that since I was going out as a woman, I should polish my nails too.

    During this time, she offered me either a coffee or a glass of wine...I chose the wine to relax, as I was so excited.

    She did two coats of red on top of a base coat, followed by a shiny clear coat. I've never been able to get my toenails looking that good before. They were so beautiful.

    Next came the leg waxing. I regularly shaved, but now my hair was about a quarter inch long, which the girl said was ideal for waxing. I thought it would be painful, but a slight "Ouch" the first few times and after a while it was hardly noticable.

    After finishing the legs, she just went ahead and made a nice triangle above my thingy. the waxing was a little more painful around the crotch though.

    She said that since I've gone this far, I should remove any hair on my back (Hardly any), tummy, chest and arms. If you've got the time, let's go for it, I said.

    After the waxing, she used some king of wax cleaner and then messaged my whole body with soothing creams and lotions. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. What a beautiful and exhilarating experience.

    My body was so soft and silky and my toes looked so feminine....delicious.

    The entire process took over three hours and with a tip cost me $170.00, but it was worth every penny.

    We made an appointment tomorrow for her to glue on false nails and do a French Manicure. She'll also give me a facial and slightly wax my eyebrows. I can't wait.

    Everyone should try the expereience at least once.


  4. What grows up must come off. Leg hair can easily be taken off. There are lots of ways. Try going to the derma to know which one is the best and affordable way.

  5. Quite frankly, I prefer wax hair removal, everywhere it is achievable. I suffer hair in the back - not much, but still too much. The first time is really painful, but it lasts three weeks. The following stages are far less painful, until simply unpleasant time.

    The first time I went to this beauty institute, the operator was slightly reluctant, but after three years without incident we are in friendly terms. After a while, she offered herself to wax my intimity, only leaving a triangle at the bottom of abdomen.

    If I have to shave for any "emergency" reason, the next time I am waxed is a little more painful again.

    If you give the operator all reasons to trust you, you shall be treated as any "genetic"woman.