Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crossdressing Student Kicked Out Of Georgia High School

(updated below)

From today's The Huffington Post, "16-year-old Jonathan Escobar has been kicked out of his Georgia high school for dressing too much like a girl. Escobar disputes this saying that when he first moved to Georgia from Miami, he cleared his style of dress with school authorities and they gave him the OK."

Read the rest of the story and view a video here.

UPDATE: The link to the video is gone, but this one may still be good on YouTube.


  1. I've lived in different parts of Florida most of my life. I doubt that this kid could have survived a day at a Miami high school dressed like that. I went to school outside of Tampa, and, even attending in "boy" mode, I rarely ventured into the bathrooms.

    Cobb County was in a tough spot. The moment he got hurt, the parents would have sued. That's how society works.

    Trans students are not new in The South, but the usual policy is to have them attend the telephone classes with the other students who were unable to attend in person. You'd be surprised at how overindulgent some Mommas can be down here, especially among wealthier families.

  2. Jonathan Escobar's situation was both my fantasy and nightmare when I was in high school.

  3. I give him a lot of credit for living his life and doing what he believes in. Very courageous young man.

    And a pretty young lady as well - I like the whole outfit.

  4. conducted a study among g 303 viewers of a news clip about a cross-dressing student who was sent home because of a dress code violation. Results found that that half of the viewers (61%) reported that they thought the school’s actions were appropriate. Furthermore, over one-third of viewers (37%) thought that the school’s actions were an act of discrimination and 55% said that if they were in high school they would support having this student attend their school.
    More in depth results can be seen at:

  5. In a realm where being yourself and being different means being respected or disrespected, it's sad Jonathan had to suffer this fate last year. His outfit was cute when I saw the YouTube video. Cute sandals to go with those skinny jeans.

    Fashion is art, and he's his own masterpiece. Just too bad he had to suffer the way that he did.