Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Staci needs new shoes

(updated below)

I gave up looking in the local brick and mortar shoe stores for gold strappy sandals to wear to the formal I am attending next month. That color and style of shoe is not easy to find in my size. So I went shopping online at Endless and Zappos.

Nice thing about these two online retailers is that they provide free shipping both ways, i.e., not only will they ship you your order for free, but if you want to return something, they also pay for the return shipping. I wish the online woman's clothing retailers had the same deal; if they did, I would definitely order more clothing online than I do now.

Back to the shoe. I found four candidates, two on each web site. To help make my decision, I read the previous buyers' comments about the shoes paying special attention to any comments about comfort or lack thereof. (I already own too many pairs of fabulous looking shoes that make my feet cry.)

I chose a J. Reneé sandal dubbed "Glamour" (photo above right) from Zappos. Within an hour, I received an e-mail confirming my order and notifying me that they are upgrading its shipment from free standard shipping (4 to 5 business days) to special priority shipping (also free), which means my shoes ship later today.


UPDATE: The sandals arrived today and they are absolutely gorgeous, but they are about one size too small (I ordered my size, but this shoe runs small). The sandals do not come in a larger size, so I am back to square one looking for gold strappy sandals to wear to the formal.



  1. Staci,

    Try placing Zip-lock bags with water into your sandals and leave in the freezer until frozen. It worked on my sandals that are similar to yours.
    Check out this link....

  2. Danielle --- Thank you for the tip, but the sandal was so small and so expensive that I did not want to mess around with it, so I sent it back this morning.

  3. Staci, is there a DSW near you? I just did a quick search for gold sandals in size 11, and turned up the following:


    There are a couple of styles there similar to the shoe you're showing. Being the end (or after) the season, the prices are a little more reasonable.


  4. Jaye --- Yes, there is a DSW nearby. I will check it out ASAP. Thank you.