Wednesday, October 21, 2009

he femulated gallery

By popular demand, I created a new web page, the He Femulated Gallery, that archives all the images that previously appeared in the "He Femulated" sidebar (left).

The archive also includes the "Crossdressed in the Past" images that I have featured here in the blog on occasion, as well as other femulation images of interest.

The new web page is a work-in-progress and I will probably break it up into multiple pages because of its length.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Very good. And nice to see them all collected in one place.

  2. Thank you Staci. It's always hit and miss trying to find photos like these on the internet.

  3. you have labelled this photo as circa 2007. this may have been the date you found it, but it dates from about 1990

  4. Wonderful site! Excellent to see so many historical femulators..... Such models for us...

  5. I fully endorse these comments: it's wonderful to be able to look at all these fantastic examples of femulation. Thanks so much for sharing these with us. My particular favourite is your friend Kate - so astonishingly lovely that I can't stop looking!

  6. Thank you for the positive comments.

    Chris --- I corrected the date; thank you for the correction.